Fish Lake Historic Site Collage

Fish Lake Historic Site Collage



Updated February 2016

A 501C3 corporation dedicated in part to:
*Preserving the Historic Fish Lake Site on the Willamette National Forest.
*Supporting a learning center where outside groups can provide their programs on site, devoted to teaching wildland backcountry skills and cultural and natural history skills to all ages, with an emphasis on youth.
*Interpreting the natural and cultural history of the site and
*Providing public use of its building and grounds


Five Years (2020)

We see a future within 5 years where the Fish Lake historic structures continue to be maintained and restored to a high standard. A Pavilion and vault toilet have been constructed and the bunkhouse has been reconfigured to support the learning center. Tent sites have been built in appropriate areas to house students. Fish Lake Remount Station is a Regional Center of Excellence for equestrian and backpacking LNT programs provided on site by partners. The historic site is used in a variety of ways that are compatible with the master plan and along with grants and donations and certain fees generate enough income to sustain operations.

Brochures are available as well as signage that interprets the natural and cultural history of the Fish Lake area

The Public has good access to most of the historic structures. Volunteers, using the Passport in Time Program (PIT) are available during the summer to guide visitors through the site

Ten Years (2025)

We see a future within 10 years where the Friends of Fish Lake (Friends) continues as a highly successful organization. Its success is indicated in part by a broad array of active partners including federal, state, county, corporate and non-profit entities working effectively to fulfill the Friends vision and purpose. The partners are well represented among the Friends officers and directors. Success is also indicated by the continuing grants, donations and user fees sufficient to support fulfillment of the vision and purpose.

We see a future within ten years where the learning center is a widely accepted and acknowledged center of excellence in backcountry and traditional skills education and training. The Center is best known for its courses in horsemanship and packing, trail maintenance and hand tool use, back country survival skills and navigation, leave no trace camping , historic building maintenance, restoration and cultural and natural history of the area.

Volunteers are available to guide visitors to historic buildings and interpret the natural and cultural history of the area