Fish Lake Historic Site Collage

Fish Lake Historic Site Collage

About Us

Friends of Fish Lake is a 501C3 organization dedicated to:
  • Preserving the historic Fish Lake area on the Willamette National Forest
  • Interpreting the natural and cultural history of the site
  • Providing public use of its buildings and grounds, and
  • Operating the associated Fish Lake Cascades Institute and Historic Center dedicated to excellence in teaching  wildland backcountry skills and the ecology of the Central Cascades

Board of Directors:

Rolf Anderson               Steve Mealey                 Phil Raab                Randy Dunbar
President                       Vice President                Secretary                 Treasurer

Dick Connelly                 Jim Denney                    Dick Grace                 Kathy Harbick

Phil Hufstader                 Mike Kerrick                 Doug Macdonald           Ron Skrip

CY 2017 – adopted 1/27/17


Balances as of 1/24/17
             Special accounts $   616
Business Checking                  $11,993
     Cash on Hand 1/24/17 $12,609

Estimated 2017 Income:
             Membership Dues $2,000
Kinsman Foundation Grant $2,500
Log Siding Restoration (Materials)
Improve Drainage (Materials)
Old Smokeys Grant                     $1,500
Log Siding Restoration (Materials)
     Estimated 2017 Income $  6,000
Total Planned Income & Carryover $18,609


     Exec Committee:
State of OR Annual Fee $     50
OR Dept Justice Annual Fee $     10
Secretarial Supplies $     75
Postage                                  $     20
Recognition $   200
     Development & Membership Committee:
Fund Raising                          $   500
     Program Committee:
Contingencies                          $   200
     Facility Committee:
Hall House Shingles $1,175
Log Siding Restoration (Grants) $3,000
Improve Drainage (Grants) $1,000
Work Week/Summer Projects     $2,000
Contingencies                          $   500
Total Expenses $  8,730
Excess of Revenue Over Expenses $  9,879