Fish Lake Historic Site Collage

Fish Lake Historic Site Collage


Happy New Year to all of you! Here's hoping you get almost as much enjoyment reading about our 2018 activities as we all did actually visiting and working at the site. We CONTINUED to have a lot of energy and accomplishments in 2018, fueled by many, many volunteers and strong support from our partners – the McKenzie River Ranger District (MRRD), the Willamette National Forest (WNF), the Old Smokeys and the Kinsman Foundation. Forest Supervisor Tracy Beck, District Ranger Darren Cross and WNF Recreation Staff Officer Omero Torres joined us at Board Meetings and MRRD personnel worked and visited with us on site. 

At Work Week, beginning June 24, forty-one volunteers contributed their time and energy to projects. We performed routine maintenance on structures and brushed out the Wagon Road and trails servicing the site. We rebuilt a loading platform at the Tack Room and replaced a load-bearing sill in the 1930s CCC constructed barn. A listing of CY 2018 work is at the end of this Report. THANKS to the many of you who pitched in this year!

Our Annual Membership Meeting was held in the Pavilion, utilizing five new picnic tables purchased by the Ranger District. Dick Connelly, Randy Dunbar, and Phil Hufstader were re-elected to the Board of Directors. Deputy WNF Forest Supervisor Holley Jewkes, MRRD DR Darren Cross and Site Manager Jim Denney provided thoughtful Keynote talks. MRRD folks teamed with the Friends to host the noon lunch.

The Hall House roof was replaced by Creswell Contractor MV Roofing in July. This project spanned three years, including fund raising, custom sawing shakes, and locating a contractor willing to work at a site far from their home base. Shakes and work was financed by grants from the Old Smokeys and the Kinsman Foundation plus funds from the Friends. Successful completion was led by Kenny Gabriel, Jim Denney and Board Members, plus Wayne Shilts stepping in as our COR. 

EARLY ALERT – Work Week 2019 will start SUNDAY, JUNE 23rd

We contracted with a local young man, Michael Sherman, who had previously worked at Fish Lake, to produce four, five minute long videos of the site. Some scenes recreated historic activities, such as loading and trailing pack stock and Sweet Home Ranger District performer Tony Farque' in periodic uniforms. The videos will be used for interpretation at four sites - the Information Kiosk, the Blacksmith Shop and Tack Room, the Dispatch Cabin and the Hall House. Filming was done with hand-held and drone cameras. An Old Smokeys grant and funds from the Friends financed this project.

Board Member Phil Hufstader, his horses and mules, and his son Casey and grandson Cody recreated the past activities of the Remount Depot for the interpretive videos. In addition they housed their stock at the barn and corral when the stock were used to fulfill a trail maintenance contract carrying crushed rock to surface portions of the Blue Pool Trail.

Jim Denney created small hand-crafted signs placed at the Blacksmith Shop describing the building and related activities. Volunteer hosts spent another full summer with us under the Passports in Time Program, supporting Jim Denney’s presence throughout June and July.

Planning for the renovation of the interior of the bunkhouse to better accommodate both classroom and overnight use by education groups is progressing with initial work expected in 2019.

Anita Leach joined our Board to replace Mandy Cole who left to pursue other activities. 
We signed a new Challenge Cost Share Agreement that extends our partnership with the Willamette N.F. through 2021.
The site received national recognition when the MRRD and the Friends of Fish Lake were awarded the National Museum of Forest Service History – Historical Restoration Award at the National Forest Service Retiree Reunion in Asheville, N.C. in September.

We counted 102 paid members this year. Dues and donations totaled $6700. Jodi and Mike Hughes donated $2500 plus a supply of logo baseball caps to use to recognize special efforts.

We can't overstate our appreciation for your support joining us as Members, and your gifts. The significant accomplishments we are able to manage would not be possible without you. We rely on membership dues and donations to cover our expenses over and above any grants we receive. Thank you for helping us meet our goals!

If you have already renewed your membership for 2019, you're an early-bird – Thank You! If you haven't yet renewed, Now is the Time!If you aren't a member yet, please jump in and join us! And tell your friends about us, too!                       -Rolf Anderson,  President FFL

FRIENDS OF FISH LAKE - Membership Application or Renewal

Make your check out to Friends of Fish Lake.   60295 CREE CIRCLE, BEND, OR, 97702
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Annual Dues - Student:   $15____  Individual:    $35____   Family: $50 ____  

PATRON : $150 _____   Life:     $2500____ Business:    $75_____

Please indicate if you can help in any of the following categories:
      Volunteer for the annual work week_______
       I have specific skills:  Carpentry_____  Restoration____ Computer support____   
            Fund raising_____  “Site host” late June___July____August___Sept___


We had a good turnout of volunteers during Work Week, working away on a long list of projects. Jim Denney, Kenny Gabriel, McKenzie River Ranger District crews and FFL members worked on projects before and after Work Week. For the year 41 volunteers contributed 916 hours.


Barn and Corral
Installed three 10 x 12” beams in the barn matching the original beams.
Replaced the rails in one corner of the corral and a gatepost.

Blacksmith Shop and Tack Room
Removed rotten decking to the Tack Room and installed a new deck.
Removed rotten decking to the Blacksmith shop.  
Constructed and installed a new door to the Blacksmith shop.
Replaced, primed and painted siding below the new door. 
Constructed and installed welded steel hand rails in the public viewing area of Blacksmith Shop. 
Completely cleaned the Blacksmith Shop and Tack Room.

Hall House
Contractors removed the shake roof and replaced it with custom-sawn, hand-nailed shakes. 
New flashing was installed around the chimney.
Filled voids between deck boards and the vertical wall logs with cedar boards and cut shingles. 

Commissary and Dispatch Cabins
Reworked epoxy and filled log ends on both Cabins to more closely resemble the original logs.
Installed light weight removable snow porch panels on the Commissary front porch.

Oil House
Repaired a cracked beam structural epoxy.

Repaired the screen doors and cleaned the interior. Prepped the interior windows for painting.

Constructed a split rail zig-zag fence to define the parking area.
McKenzie River Ranger District purchased and installed five picnic tables.

Removed the rotten log cross bar on the Santiam Wagon Road inner gate and treated the posts with preservative. Opened up an old section of the Santiam Wagon Road and installed split cedar rails to identify the route. 
Cleaned ditch lines and culverts. Mowed grass. Limbed trees next to the Hall House, Bunkhouse and Commissary and along the lakeshore. Cut brush next to the Pavilion, along Santiam Wagon Road and the stock driveway to the lake. Brushed out the Pioneer Gravesite.