Fish Lake Historic Site Collage

Fish Lake Historic Site Collage



Greetings to all Friends Members and potential Friends Members. We had a busy and productive year highlighted by Jim Denney's arrival in early June, our Annual Work Week in mid-June, and individuals and small groups contributing to projects throughout the summer. We also introduced two trial projects. Our approach is to try new initiatives in “baby steps”. If an activity goes well, we'll work to make it even better. If it doesn't go well, we'll start over. 

Work Week Tuesday, we welcomed Regional Forester Jim Pena and Willamette National Forest Supervisor Tracy Beck as special luncheon guests. Past President Mike Kerrick was presented with a Region 6 Pendleton blanket, a framed photo of the Hall House and a small sculpture of Gifford Pinchot by R-6, FFL, and the WNF and the McKenzie River Ranger District respectively recognizing Mike's work establishing and leading the Friends organization. We held our Annual Membership Meeting after a luncheon hosted by the Ranger District. We continued to get recognition through several articles in the Old Smokeys Newsletters, the Old Smokeys eForum, and a year-end story in the R-6 Update. 

Our Annual Work Week, beginning Sunday, June 19 this year, enjoyed good weather and a good turnout. Thirty-nine volunteers contributed almost 700 person hours to complete lots of projects – big and small – including putting the finishing touches on restoration of the interior of the Commissary Cabin. 

Yearlong we had fifty-two volunteers perform 1,303 person hours of work on site. (Whew!) A detailed accounting of work accomplished is on the third page of this Report.

Site planning for the Federal Highways Administration funding that includes construction in 2017 of the pavilion, on-site vault toilet, and a host RV pad is ongoing.

Site Manager Jim Denney was on site from early June to the first week in August. In addition, we introduced a demonstration program scheduling uninterrupted coverage  by Hosts (despite major harassment by yellowjackets) under the Passport in Time (PIT) program from late June to early September.

In another trial program, Board Member Phil Hufstader, in conjunction with the Back Country Horsemen of Oregon, kept stock in the corral for a week in early August providing on-demand demonstrations and hands-on Leave No Trace and packing classes.

Harrison Goodall, the historic restoration specialist who conducted the original Condition Assessment of the site structures in 1997, spent a week in June updating the assessment. Goodall produced a wonderful document that will be the major source of our work into the future. We've shared this document with two of our major funders, the Kinsman Foundation and the Old Smokeys.

The Friends received grants from the Old Smokeys ($4,000), and the Kinsman Foundation ($5,000) and will contribute from our own funds ($8,320) for the Hall House shake production and the Condition Assessment. We received an unsolicited grant ($500) from the Dimmer Family Foundation, whose Executive Director is the granddaughter of long-time Willamette N.F. Administrative Officer Clyde Quam and whose mother spent summers at Fish Lake years ago. We also received $500 donations from two individuals.

In August the Sand Mountain (Lookout) Society and the McKenzie River Ranger District hosted a buffet luncheon and program at Fish Lake celebrating the 25th anniversary of the reconstruction of the Sand Mountain Lookout. A handful of FFL members helped with the logistics.

Members are the strength of the Friends. We benefited from a total of 81 members this year, contributing both on-site labor and about $4500 in dues. The great condition of the site structures is the direct result of you volunteers, contributing your time to Work Week and summer-long projects. Our large membership gives us strong credibility with our sponsoring Foundations and we depend on your dues for essential matches for grant requests and to back-fill when we don't get proposed grants. 

If you have already renewed your membership for 2017, you're an early-bird – Thank You! If you haven't yet renewed, Now is the Time! If you aren't a member yet, please jump in and join us! And tell your friends about us, too!   

Rolf Anderson,  President FFL

Membership Application and Renewal

Please complete the information requested and return with your tax deductible dues to FRIENDS OF FISH LAKE 60295 CREE CIRCLE, BEND, OR, 97702
Make your check out to Friends of Fish Lake


Street address__________________________________

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Annual Dues:        Student:  $15____   Individual:  $35____   Family:  $50 ____  
Patron :  $150 ____   Life:  $2500____ Business:  $75_____

Please indicate if you can help in any of the following categories:
      Volunteer for the annual work week_______
       I have specific skills:
                 Carpentry_____  Restoration____ Computer support____   Fund raising_____ 
       “Site host”  late June___July____August___Sept___


There's usually so much going on by so many different people during work week that it's hard to keep up with all our accomplishments. Then, after Work Week, volunteers and McKenzie River Ranger District crews and personnel continue to work on projects. This is as good a list of work for the whole year that I can come up with. I'm sure it's not complete.

Commissary Cabin interior– sanded and prepped wood trim, cleaned the propane heat stove, installed flooring in the loft, sanded and painted the flooring, added rat proofing, applied trim to the windows, rehung the back door and completed and installed a showcase sink cabinet. (On July 28th, Jim said "The Commissary is really coming together.")
Cleaned exterior log siding on the Commissary, Dispatch Cabin and Hall House in preparation for the application of bora-care preservative.
Finished the stone walkway to the Hall House front door and added a cedar hand rail.
Added bracing to the Hall House garage.
Replaced posts in the barn.
Replaced split rail fencing.
Repaired a corral gate.
Realigned a section of the corral fence.
Began reconstruction of the lava rock wall behind the oil house.
Repaired the Generator Room door.
Cleaned the tack room and blacksmith area.
Oiled the saddles and tack.
Logged out and brushed the fence-line trail.
Cut brush and small trees encroaching on several structures and piled and/or chipped the slash.
Sawed a large fir that had been felled near the Hall House into cants for later construction of picnic tables.
Removed closets in the west-side bunkhouse.
Constructed a woodshed.  

Purchased custom-cut shakes to re-shake the roof of the Hall House in 2017.
Commissioned a Historic Building Assessment of twelve structures to guide future restoration and maintenance activities. 

We recorded 52 of our 81 members working at Fish Lake this year. What a great turnout! We thank every one of you!



The Friends of Fish Lake will hold their 10th annual June work week from June 15 to June 19, 2015. It is appropriate to look back and to review the accomplishments during this decade of effort. From a humble beginning in October of 2006 with 7 volunteers contributing 66 hours of work the effort has blossomed into an intense 3 to 5 day work period with up to to 40 plus volunteers that have contributed thousands of hours of work over the years completing thousands of dollars of grant projects from several sources. Following is a brief summary of all the work accomplished, organized by the three key goals of the Friends of fish Lake 

CCC era Buildings
Barn: scraped and painted siding, rebuilt sliding doors, repaired gates and doors in feeding area, cleaned out hay loft and grainery.
Blacksmith-Tack Rooms; cleaned and rodent proofed, replaced window sills, installed plexiglass viewing screens, scraped and painted, wired and installed lighting. Restored all 4 sliding doors. Cleaned and oiled pack & riding saddles, cleaned and oiled tack, removed, replaced and painted siding on front wall of tack room.
Gas/Oil house: rebuilt door, rodent proofed, replaced structural post, prepped and painted. removed, replaced and painted siding on west end.
Open Storage: removed, replaced and painted siding on all three sides, replaced doors in generator room, scraped and painted siding as needed. removed dirt accumulation from SW corner and repaired sill, cleaned storage units, replaced chicken wire with more substantial security screens, excavated area south of building and built rock retaining wall to protect building.
Corral: replaced and rebuilt coral posts and rails, realigned coral fence on north side to original location, rebuilt rock walls, rehabilitated water trough.
1920 era Buildings
Hall House: removed plywood flooring to reveal original flooring in living and bedroom, rodent proofed, removed batteries from attic and moved solar panels, worked on restoration of log siding and posts on porch, replaced rotten sill on north end, replaced original phone pole, re-contoured ground around building to provide drainage
Hall House Garage: removed tin roof, replaced with shakes, maintained walls, installed rock walls to protect structure from bank sloughing and reestablish drainage contour. 
Dispatch Cabin: cleaned interior, rodent proofed, restored interior including loft and ceiling boards, rewired, restored floor, rebuilt stairs in back, repaired windows and screens, rebuilt interior wall on original location, restored log ends with epoxy material, restored cabinets in kitchen to original condition, placed period furniture throughout building.
Commissary Cabin: rodent proofed, cleaned interior, repaired and re-glazed windows, entered into contract to exclude bats and to clean hazardous material from interior, restored interior similar to Dispatch cabin, provide new curtains for windows.
Outhouse: re-roofed, re-shingled and stained exterior, painted interior, and restored access pathway.
Spring House: removed and replaced floor.

Replaced curtains through out, replaced water heater and built enclosure.

Propane Tank Screens: rebuilt screens through out compound
Rail Fences: annual repair and replaced rail fences as needed
General brushing: thinning and trimming annually, annual lawn mowing
Grave Site: general maintenance, worked on restoring view from site.
Site Survey: surveyed and developed site map of buildings and grounds to serve as basis for site plan.
Santiam Wagon Road: annual brushing and water bar maintenance
Fence line trail: reopened route as a trail
Wire fencing: dropped , coiled and removed
Picnic tables: added one new one
Information Kiosk: moved old kiosk from MRRD office to Fish Lake, excavated and poured footings, erected kiosk on footings, re-stained and place rock around footings, provided detailed history on panels.
Walking tour brochure : developed and printed walking tour brochure. 
On site “Hosts”: annually provide on site “hosts” during selected periods.
                                          DEVELOPING A LEARNING CENTER DEVOTED TO TEACHING

Futuring Session: co hosted a futuring session with several stakeholders
Market analysis and economic feasibility Study: a key study that will provide direction for the education goal
Pilot projects: developed two on site programs to test feasibility of site
Friends Of Fish Lake,  other efforts

Non profit status: formed non profit Corporation and applied for and received 501(c)(3) status from IRS.
Developed MOU with Willamette NF
Grants: applied for and received several grants totaling $34,374.
Fish Lake Master Plan: served as members of a team to develop 5 year master plan for Fish Lake
Capacity building: printed Membership Brochures, fund raising brochures, book marks and note cards as a part of a capacity building grant from the Kinsman foundation.

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  1. Fish Lake Remount Station was also home to the famous "Flying Twenty" fire crew. They could cut a fire line as fast as they could walk. Each man had a particular task. The last man would backfire as they went. The story of this crew was handed down to Tony Farque', Sweet Home archeologist by number 19 who was possibly in his late '80's when he related the "Flying Twenty's" story.
    Steve Coady
    FS Historian/Interpreter