Fish Lake Historic Site Collage

Fish Lake Historic Site Collage


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Members are the strength of the Friends. The great condition of the site structures is the direct result of our volunteers, contributing their time to Work Week and summer-long projects. Our large membership gives us strong credibility with our sponsoring Foundations and we depend on member dues for essential matches for grant requests and to back-fill when we don't get proposed grants. 

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This story is told in a series of eras. These eras are represented at the Fish Lake Historic Site by Native American cultural resource sites, the Santiam Wagon Road and the Fish Lake Remount Depot. Each of these eras holds their individual chapters.

The tableau of human history here has been played out in a setting of magnificently clear and cold water, lava flows, rich sedge meadows, stately forests, stunning fall colors, grand views of the old and new Cascade Mountains, an abundant food source and a palpable serenity. The Fish Lake Historic Site holds a truly unique place in the history of the State, the surrounding counties, the National Forest System and for the Native American tribes of the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon.

It is the responsibility of this generation to tell this story and to secure for those who follow the opportunity to stand in this place and reflect on these eras, past and present.

Please do your part to help us protect and preserve this irreplaceable site. The site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014.